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Prowler Proof Ranges

All Prowler Proof products offer good looks with award winning designs and the confidence and trust in the product to give a full 10-year replacement warranty.



Product Information

Prowler Proof’s Forcefield products offer award winning contemporary styling while maintaining the strength and integrity of a genuine security product. All forcefield products have marine grade 316 stainless steel mesh with corrosion resistant low maintenance heavy-duty powdercoat frames.

Prowler Proof’s Protec range offers modern styling and the strength of a genuine security product. With perforated aluminium mesh and over 300 frame colours on offer, the Protec range is smart security.

Prowler Proof’s Heritage products offer over 20 grill options and a number of mesh choices.

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Some things can’t be replaced

Protect your family, keep your home assets safe and deter potential thieves.

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